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Seven Sound is a pro Audio Production Team of a group of talented and professional musicians, compossers and audio engineers dedicated to the music creation.

It started with a dream.

The purpose of seven sound is to aid Record Labels, Advertising Agencies and other companies, as well as individual artists / bands with the music creation process.

Each member of team is well trained and has the knowledge and experience in a priticular area in the audio field plus the common knowloedge in other fields aswell.

We cover almost any music genre and can provide contract musicians or vocalists from outside the team as needed to fit our clients needs.
We have worked on a variety of large and small projects, and the clients have been pleased with our work.
Our team has the knowledge, skills and the proper tools to craft and devolope your ideas and needs and turn it to a high-quality Product

  We offer several packages that suits our client needs.
  Our professional team is available 24/7.
  Our team is a group of talented, professional & experienced musicians.
  We provide contract musicians and vocalists from outside the team if needed.
  We deliver the final project faster than any other studio in the area.
  Seven Sound is everything you need!

In simple terms Music Writing, Audio Recording, Audio Editing.Below is a more detailed list of our services:

  Digital Audio editing
Clean up old Cassete Recordings, Fades, Cut, Insert Sound effects or background music, Equlize, Audio Restoration to fix digital & analog audio Noise.. and more

we provide a proffisional mixing service with our engineers, The mixing engineer's are well trained and has experiance for more than 10 years in Mixing a wide variety of Styles and using updated plugins and outboard gear.

Mastering is one of the major links in the chain of music making, Mastering is the final step of assembling and polishing your project so that it sounds as good as it possibly can before it goes to manufacturing.

  Voiceover and Audiobooks
Recording Vocieovers and Audio books, besides edit,mix and master the tracks and prepare it for (CD,Download,Tape,DVD audio).Seven Sound can Recommand some voiceover atrists and send you demos of thier voice to find the suitable voice that will fit your project.

  Advertisement jingles
We offer a High Quality advertisment jingles for Radio & Tv. The team members has 8 years experiance in Writing jingles, and done more than 40 Jingles up untill 2010.We also offer diffrent packages wich you can choose from. for more info on the packeges please Contact us.

  Music Compossing
We offer to (Compose,orchestrate, write lyrics)Songs,Music for any porpous that you need! like Background music for your flash video, website, presentation, short Movie, ringtone..ect

  Songs without Music for islamic DJ use
Its common in our socity now days that they use those type of songs in thier wedding for religious reasons,
those songs are basicly commercial songs with no melodic insturments, those type of song is re-recorded in our studios by a our artists .

  Special occasions songs
We compose and write songs for wedding receptions, birthdays, Valantine's day, and Anniversaries 'as per the clients requirement and desire'. We also make songs for islamic weddings as well as Anasheed.

  Post production
Assembling and capturing, editing and replacing, mixing and mastering Audio for video.
with Protools software we can easly record voiceovers, replace dialogs, add sound effects, add music to the project.

  Live Proformance
Our team also includes a Spanish/Flamenco band, Arabic/Khaliji band and a DJ for your Live events.

feel free to contact us for more info on booking and pricing.